Conference on Value Disagreement

November 09 - October 10, 2017

Conference on Value Disagreement VDC-2017 Lisbon

A particularly interesting branch of the articulated debate on disagreement is concerned with value disagreement, that is, disagreement in the evaluative discourse, involving moral concepts and terms, predicate of personal tastes, aesthetic concepts and terms etc. Disputes about values gave rise to a rich set of questions: Can disagreement ever be faultless? Is disagreement about values genuine? Do speakers mean different things when they apply evaluative predicates in different ways? Can we model value disagreement? How to deal with value-based peer disagreement? What is the relation between ethical and metaethical conceptions of value and value-based disagreement?

The purpose of this conference is to bring to together scholars in philosophy of language, linguistics, ethics and metaethics who have investigated evaluative discourse and evaluative concepts from different approaches and perspectives in order to tackle and tentatively answer some of these questions about value disagreement.

Keynote speakers:

Gunnar Björnsson (Stockholm University)
Max Kölbel (University of Vienna)
Isidora Stojanovic (CNRS, Institut Jean Nicod, Paris)

To register: Please send a mail to with "Registration" in the subject line.

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