Bianca Cepollaro, 11h, Sala 0.07 ID

October 27, 2017

We cordially invite everyone to a meeting of the Value Research Seminar
this Friday 27.10.2017 at 11 o'clock in Sala 0.07 of I&D. The purpose
of these meetings is to allow researchers to exchange ideas, discuss
problems, work in progress, and texts chosen for reading.

In this session, Bianca Cepollaro (IFILNOVA) will give a talk
with the title: "Negated Slurs."

One of the main reasons why scholars in philosophy of language and
linguistics got interested in slurs is that their derogatory content
seems to project out of semantic embeddings. I will call the intuition
according to which embedded slurs convey derogatory content “Projection
View”. Among the different proposals formulated to account for slurs,
the truth-conditional account (put forward by Hom 2008, 2010, 2012, and
Hom and May 2013, 2014, forthcoming) challenges the widespread
Projection View and provides alternative explanations for the apparent
behavior of embedded slurs. In this talk I will discuss two strategies
that were employed to defend the Projection View from such an attack:
the first one, put forward in Cepollaro and Thommen, ms, employs data
from linguistic tests developed in Horn (1985, 1989); the second one,
proposed in Panzeri and Carrus 2016, presents some empirical data from
surveys and questionnaires.

*Everybody is welcome!*

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