Abraham Sapién, 22 January, 2020, 12.00h to 13.00

January 22, 2020

Lisbon Mind & Reasoning RIP Seminar 

12.00h to 13.00h, CAN SA, Colégio Almada Negreiros (Campolide Campus)

Abraham Sapién (Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Mexico)

The Structure of Unpleasantness

A fair amount of the philosophical discussion about pain and unpleasantness has focused on providing a constitutive account of unpleasantness. These theories provide a more fundamental description of what unpleasantness is by appealing to other well-established notions in the architecture of the mind. In contrast, I address the nature of unpleasantness from a structural account. I will argue for how unpleasantness is built, rather than what unpleasantness is made of, as it were. I focus on the heterogeneity of experience, which has been a somewhat neglected issue in the literature about unpleasantness: after careful introspection, there seems to be nothing phenomenal that all and only unpleasant experiences share. In order to address the heterogeneity of unpleasant experiences, I propose that the structure of the rich phenomenology of unpleasantness should be understood as a determinable property constituted by multiple essential dimensions.

All welcome.
Organised by the Lisbon Mind & Reasoning Group (a sub-section of the ArgLab)

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