DISARGUE Workshop 19-20 Dec 2019

December 19-20, 2019

The international Workshop on the discursive management of political disagreement

[part of the project:  Discursive management of political disagreement: Argumentative strategies and their consequences  - DISARGUE]


Thursday, 19/12/2019

9:45     Opening

10:00   Funds for Collaborative projects

              — Cristina Oliveira, NOVA FCSH

10:30   Coffee Break

11:00   Doxa, Dissent, and Challenges of Rhetorical Citizenship 

              — Lisa Storm Villadsen, University of Copenhagen

11:10   Solving disagreements by argumentation. Conditions and consequences 

              — Lilian Bermejo Luque, Universidad de Granada

11:20   What ought argumentation do with disagreement? 

              — Dima Mohammed, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

11:30   Discussion

12:30   Lunch

14:00   Talking about what is legal - Constraints and creativity in discussing new laws 

              — Paula Castro, ISCTE-IUL

14:10   On the (really) political nature of political disagreement 

              — Javier Rodríguez Alcázar, Universidad de Granada

14:20   Liberal-democracy, Depoliticization and Disagreement

              — Giovanni Damele, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

14:30   Discussion

15:30   Coffee Break

16:00   Reversing the Burden of Proof: denying implicit contents in verbal communication 

              — Misha-Laura Müller, University of Neuchatel

16:10   Tangential disagreements: the straw man fallacy, and its efficiency 

               — Louis de Saussure, University of Neuchatel

16:20   Fallacious Arguments in a Three-level Game 

              — Catherine Moury, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

16:30   Discussion

17:30   Closing remarks


Friday, 20/12/2019

9:45     Small Group Meetings

11:00   Coffee Break

11:30   Closing Session

12:30   Lunch


Participation is open, please contact Dima Mohammed <dmohammed@fcsh.unl.pt>.  


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