Value Seminar Marcin Lewiński, Sala 105 ID 16h

09 de Março de 2018

We cordially invite everyone to a meeting of the Value Research Seminar this Friday 9.3.2018 at 16 o'clock, Sala 1.05 of I&D (1st floor of Research and Development building). The purpose of these meetings is to allow researchers to exchange ideas, discuss problems, work in progress, and texts chosen for reading.

This session is a problem discussion led by Marcin Lewinski (IFILNOVA).

Value disagreement, metalinguistic negotiation and argumentation

In this open-problem presentation I will discuss the intricacies of value disagreements becoming manifest through the process of metalinguistic negotiation (Plunkett & Sundell, 2013; Plunkett, 2015). I will use a disagreement over calling someone a liar as a guiding example. I will address some recent criticisms of the process of metalinguistic negotiations by Rast (2017). However, rather than resorting to broadly semantic, pragmatic, or meta-ethical descriptions of such negotiations, I will suggest a more modest argumentative interpretation of the process.

*Everybody is welcome to join!*

This event is part of a series organized by the FCT-project "Values in Argumentative Discourse" (PTDC/MHC-FIL/0521/2014) at the ArgLab of the Nova Institute of Philosophy. http://valueslisbon.netai.net/ For administrative inquiries, please contact Erich Rast <erich@snafu.de>.
If you are interested in giving a talk at the ArgLab Colloqium, please contact Dima Mohammed <dmohammed@fcsh.unl.pt>.


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