Workshop: Communication and metaphors for health. An educational challenge

01 de Junho de 2018

Auditório 1 - Torre B
Faculty of Social and Human Sciences
NOVA University of Lisbon
Avenida de Berna,26

The workshop discusses the importance of communication and metaphors in the context of health. From a theoretical perspective, medical argumentation is proposed as a reasoning tool to improve the communication between patients and health care providers. From a linguistic perspective, the role played by metaphors is explored in relation to the areas of cancer and diabetes care. From a social and clinical perspective, special attention is given to the communicative and educational challenges in Portugal.

The workshop is part of the research program “Metaphors for diabetes”: a medical communication project designed to propose metaphors as effective tools to foster understanding and self-management abilities in patients affected by T2 diabetes. Funds are provided by the exploratory project “Met4Edu” (P.I., Maria Grazia Rossi; Founded entity: Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, NOVA University of Lisbon).


Participation is free, but registration would be very much appreciated. You are kindly requested to register here. Please feel free to contact Maria Grazia Rossi if you need any further information.

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